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Seen: completely

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2014

6.00 (average) One word: interesting. It has pretty/cute/beautiful young girls play a more or less obscure game, so it naturally draws attention at first. The series has a promising start, given that majority of the characters are experienced instead of 'gifted' (only Saki has that weird lucky draw from the dead wall power). Of course, as they fight in the inter high tourney, it's kinda inevitable that they face stronger opponents with similar abilities as mc, which is fine and all, but...

Here's the catch (spoilers): they make it to the nationals eventually then there's a flood of more people with super powers lmao And there are those oppai obake, all of whom are slightly uncomfortable to watch, because of unnecessary jiggling effects or whatever. Which leads me to think that this anime is geared towards men due to the excessive fan service.

On to the good points: consistent animation, occasional hahas, catchy opening songs. I particularly like the 3D hand effects during the matches. It also has an array of quirky characters that can be pretty memorable (but fall flat because they lack backstory... Durr, they're supporting, what the heck. )

To sum it up, I give Saki the final verdict of 6.

Tokyo Ghoul

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2014

7.00 (above average) Over-all, I think that the zombie reinvention in Tokyo Ghoul is, quite frankly, disturbing. I mean, wow, zombies with sentience... Great. Which makes the series interesting to watch actually because it will make you believe that all is lost for humankind etc. EXCEPT (spoiler alert) there are humans that can go neck and neck with these mostrosities. Shocking, right?
Now, all is well and good and until episode 10, I thought that I can rate this series 7.5 (or maybe a solid 8 at the highest), but then that's where I realized that the pacing was off. No offense to the amount of effort put into the first 10 episodes, but episode 12 just has SO MUCH impact, that I've watched it nearly as many times as Shougo Makishima's death scene. In my honest opinion, producer should've stretched the ending out more and cut the Doves' screen time.
The other thing that made me like the series less is the fact that after all his griping and suffering, the protag got an epic power boost, again, in the bitter end. And I think that the importance of his being a hybrid is overshadowed by the fact that he was kidnapped... Wow. There should've been more substance to his character (and Hide's too) but there isn't much that can be done in 12 episodes.
For the plus points: powerful opening song by TK, who coincidentally sung Psycho Pass' op. Unravel's mood actually matches the mood of the entire series. (The ed is laid back, but still pretty memorable). And as I said in the beginning, super saiyan and no they're not really dead zombies are the bomb this season.
So, without further ado, I rate this ANIME (without iiinfluece from the manga) a 7.

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